Jacqui Miller-Charlton MBE

A definitive woman’s woman in the epitome of a global man’s world…

An inspirational leader who gets things done. Jacqui has travelled the world since 1994 in the name of exports and international trade culminating in an MBE in the Queen’s 2013 New Year Honours List for Services to Industry and International Trade.

Having blazed a trail and built a globally recognised brand within the male dominated construction industry, Jacqui is passionate about the business of business. She is a determined professional who wants to make a difference to those she works with and for.

She has achieved a great many firsts throughout her extensive career and led the charge which saw her family manufacturing business become the world’s leading force within its product sector. Happiest when she’s working with people, she believes that:

It’s people that make the REAL difference to the bottom line.

Of her proudest career achievement Jacqui says

“Miller changed the face of our industry when we introduced the revolutionary Miller Quick Coupler system enabling hydraulic excavators (diggers) to change from one tool to another within seconds, all at the flick of a switch from the safety of the machine operators cab. As the pioneers of this technology I’m exceptionally proud to have forced through this change for good. A sustainable change that has seen safety standards on various job sites improve dramatically across the world”

In addition to her passion for her own business Jacqui is a patriotic ‘believer’ and is of the firm belief that Britain has a great many products, services and practical business solutions to offer the changing face of the global economy. She is on a mission to “make a difference” wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

“I want to inspire, encourage and coach other great businesses to get out there and make it happen. Opportunities as well as risk are a business constant. Let’s understand the risks versus the rewards and build our companies into stronger more sustainable businesses. Let’s make our great nation greater still. We have a proud heritage and if we work together to build on these foundations we have every reason to be confident of continued success on both a national and international scale.”

“Be the difference that makes the difference”



What It’s Like Working With Jacqui…

Jacqui Miller is a passionate advocate of the North East, especially in support of the world class engineering and manufacturing businesses in this Region. As someone who has huge credibility through her own proven success in business both here and around the globe, she is held in high regard by all. Now championing the Kielder Observatory, she is a leading light in helping to raise the aspirations of young people, particularly in STEM subjects, which is so important for the future.

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