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January 2015

Succeeding In Sales

The art of selling is just that, an ART. Like all masterpieces the more planning and creative thinking that you [...]

Be The Difference That Makes The Difference

Imagine you've just had your photograph taken with a group of friends or colleagues, when you look at the picture [...]

Enter The Dragon

The enigma that is China is for some too complex a market to attempt to do business in and there [...]

The Spice Is Right – India Calling?

My initial approach to India was to mirror my approach to all international markets I considered doing business in, [...]

What do you know Sheila?

Although culturally the UK & Australia are similar in many ways, I was both surprised and amused at an experience [...]

A Pioneer’s Tale

Almost 3 decades ago the face of the construction, quarrying, mining and associated industries looked and operated significantly differently to [...]

Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing!

Like many business people I often reflect on my life and find myself wondering what if I had my time [...]

The Future’s Bright…

When you reach for the stars. On a cold, dreary January evening 2014 I travelled to Kielder where the Kielder [...]


I've always believed you can't train ' attitude' and being motivated in all that you do comes from the right [...]