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With over 33 years experience to call upon Jacqui is at her best and most enthusiastic when she is passing on her knowledge through her own experience and that of other business leaders she’s met on her journey to date.

She can design bespoke training programmes to develop and engage your team. She’s interested in establishing the very best outputs for the companies and individuals she works with and is candid about her own experiences sharing these openly to establish an honest dialogue from the onset. She engages with delegates by empowering them with insight, tips and tools on particular key topics encouraging them to take an active part in the programme.

She seeks to leave people inspired to achieve more and feel better about themselves. She encourages them to face their fears personal and or work related obstacles with real life examples of others who have done so before them.

We write each chapter in our own life’s journey. Each of us has the power to improve the next chapter of our individual book, the question is how much do we want to make the changes necessary to do so?
Jacqui Miller - Charlton MBE
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