Imagine you’ve just had your photograph taken with a group of friends or colleagues, when you look at the picture who is it that you look for first? It’s YOU – of course it is! We each of us look for ourselves first, a natural reaction you may think. Well if that’s our natural behaviour what does it tell us about how we can make an impact on others?

It tells me that whenever I’m trying to make an impression or make an impact on someone I need to consider how they will feel or respond to what I’m saying or offering and how it will impact on them or their business.

When we are processing information to possibly purchase something or simply to contemplate a solution to a problem we almost always look at how it impacts on us first as our starting point.

Learning to use this to our advantage and help those we want to make an impression on is a skill but one that can be applied to most things we do both at work and home.

Simply start by thinking “what if someone said this or did that to me, how would I feel or respond?”

If the answer is not very well, then think carefully about why that is and about what you should say to others when you’re in a similar situation before you say it, in other words prepare yourself for the outcome you want to achieve, the spoken word has a much BIGGER impact then you think.

Be measured in your approach toward people and make sure that your actions as a result of a meeting or conversation best represents the outcome you are hoping for. Be positive in your approach and think about what’s important to that person or company you are trying to influence.

Could a simple smile make a difference to their day? Could your behaviour make a difference to their thinking at that particular moment? By being aware of how what we say and how we act impacts those around us and in particular those we what to make a lasting impression on either business related or personal we are almost guaranteeing ourselves a more productive outcome.

It’s easy… it just takes practice, so remember the next time you what to make an impression:

Be the difference that makes the difference.’

Think about others first, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how good it makes you feel too. Instead of being critical of other’s behaviour, start to demonstrate the behaviour you’d like to see reflected back to you ….. Mirror, mirror!!!