Five Minute Interview: Jacqui Miller, Miller International

18/03/15, Jacqui Miller, Board Director, Miller International

What is the most important attribute of a business leader?

Vision… the vision to see things others can’t. After all if you don’t know where you’re heading, it matters not where you end up.

What is your guiding principle?

Be the difference that makes the difference. By seeing things from the other person’s perspective we can often make ‘a difference’ to our target audience and in so doing set ourselves apart from others.

If you hadn’t gone into business, what might you have done instead?

I think I would always have ended up in business. I didn’t know it when I was a child but business is, and always has been, a hobby from the age of only 10 when I was selling sweets and drinks to the other children for a large profit in the street where I lived. The only other career path that would have intrigued me would have been politics.

What advice would you give your children in business?

Listen to others who’ve travelled the road before you, learn from them what you feel is applicable to your journey and trust your instincts.

What do your employees say about you?

“She’s tough but fair, determined and gets results. She often sees a path others don’t and walks the talk. She is a natural leader often inspiring others to work outside their comfort zone that sees them achieve results they didn’t think they were capable of.”

Jacqui is a Main Board Director at Miller International